Embellishment with Foil

The concept of embellishing an object with bright work is nothing new, in fact things of importance have been laced with gold to show their relevance for centuries. The concept remains the same to this day where things of quality that shine put them above others of the same kind, suggesting significance, importance and quality.

Foiling Says its Quality

If the brand owner feels their packaging deserves foil as an embellishment, there is a pretty good chance whatever is in that box or bottle is of high quality and worth spending a little more money on its visual impact.

Hot stamping foil can do this for a product, and it is possibly more cost-effective than you may have thought.

As a long-standing foil supplier to the New Zealand printing industry, Techspan believes there is no better way to embellish a product’s packaging or label and give it that WOW factor than to use foil.

Techspan is not limited to a house brand and has an extensive range of foil products to suit most applications, and we can offer options from many different manufacturers.

New Foil Range

We have recently increased our range of hot foils to include several colours not previously available. We want to give designers and brand owners the chance to maximise their products’ potential and keep them looking fresh and eye-catching.

Our dedication to being a reliable foil supplier does not stop there as Techspan is introducing a new line of cold foils. Trials will provide clear evidence that our new Cold Foil product range is a winner with clean edges and an intense shine.

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