Save money on Thermal Transfer Ribbon

Techspan, Saving you money on Thermal Transfer Ribbon
Techspan Industrial Printing Systems Limited is part of the Techspan Group of companies which was established 40 years ago in January 1979. We are 100% New Zealand owned and operated and currently the only thermal transfer ribbon and foil converter which is able to make this claim.

Techspan has a reputation as a supplier of quality products and services and we have built our company on this philosophy which is part of the reason for our longevity. We currently employ 14 full time staff with warehouses in Auckland, Sydney and Brisbane. Core products for Techspan Trading NZ Limited include Engel injection moulding machines and ancillaries, plastic welding equipment and ultrasonic cleaning systems, which are all European products of the highest quality.

The core products of Techspan Industrial Printings Systems Limited are: thermal transfer ribbon, hot and cold stamping foils and TSC label printers. The company has been converting thermal transfer ribbon and coding foil since 1999 when an SME Quadro 400 high speed slitting machine was installed. Now we are a major converter of thermal transfer ribbon in New Zealand, supplying ribbon from Ricoh Japan, NCR USA, Iimak USA, as well as suppliers in Germany, France and Taiwan. Black ribbon is supplied in all grades: wax, wax resin and resin for flat head printers (Zebra, Datamax, Meto, Sato, TSC  and Intermec to name a few) and near edge printers (Toshiba, Avery, Markem-Imaje, Easyprint, Domino, Link).

We also stock over 50 coloured ribbons for flat head printers in wax resin and resin grades. Also including metallic gold, silver, red and blue. We have the ability to slit ribbon to any width and length and on cardboard or plastic cores to accommodate any printer type. As well as ribbons for desk top and industrial label printers, we also supply ribbon for TTO inline high speed thermal coders.

The full range of TSC label printers is now available on a dedicated e-commerce web site launched by Techspan, their New Zealand representatives. TSC have been manufacturing label printers since 1991 and have supplied over 4 million printers into the market. They are one of the Top 5 label printer manufactures worldwide with a market share over 33% in the USA and Asia and 40% in India. and Intermec to name a few) and near edge printers (Toshiba, Avery, Markem-Imaje, Easyprint, Domino, Link).

The following newly released printers are available on the web site, including the TE-200 series desk top printers, these printers are not only very economic but come with some impressive specifications. The MH-240 series, an industrial label printer, set to replace the TTP-2410 series again boasts high specifications including a user-friendly, full colour touch screen, high print speed, auto sensing printheads so you can change your printer from 200 to 300 or 600 dpi and super economic and the MX-240pro series, an extra heavy-duty printer is capable of print speeds up to 440mm per second.

Printheads for all printer types and a range of blank label stock is also available.

Techspan also supplies a range of hot and cold stamping foils for the embellishments of many products, wine labels being one of the most well-known. Foil s are available in metallic, holographic, pigment and security. A new catalogue is now available on request.

Over the last 18 years Techspan has supplied many hundreds of companies with printers and thermal ribbons. These companies have received reliable supply and service at competitive prices and we thank them for their custom and loyalty. There are still good savings to be made in label consumables and as a converter of these we are very confident we can save you money, possibly thousands of dollars.

Please do not hesitate to contact Craig, Warren or Jon with any enquiries.

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